Ants can occur in anyone’s house. They are not dangerous as long as they don’t attack your food or your garden. But summer is fast approaching and the number of ants entering the house increases. They may become an issue both inside and outside the home.

Ants can destroy the garden and can invade the kitchen and the pantry. For this reason, many people use the services of professional pest extermination to eliminate this problem.

There are also many commercially available insecticides that can help get rid of ants. But they are full of toxic chemicals that harm the pets, food, garden, and human health.

Fortunately, to these chemical based products, there are natural alternatives that eliminate ants. They have no negative impact on health or environment.

Garlic water

The combination of sulfur and fresh garlic is very disturbing for ants. This natural method helps remove ants and protects your home.

How is it prepared?

• Put a few crushed garlic cloves in a pot with water and let them soak for at least 24 hours.
• After one day, cook the garlic over low heat for 15 minutes.
• Pour the liquid into a spray bottle and spray the areas where ants gathered.

Rice for ants

When rice ferments, a fungus occurs on its surface. This fungus removes the ants.

What to do?

• Spread the rice grains in areas where ants occur frequently.
•The ants will let down what they were carrying at that moment and will lead the rice grains in their anthill.
• Later, because of the heat, the rice will ferment and will produce the expected effect.

Orange peel

Many people threw orange peel in the trash without knowing that it has amazing properties that may contribute to their health and also to house cleaning.

In this case, the substance which orange peel contains is toxic to ants.

What to do?

• Cut the peel of an orange into small pieces or grate it. Put the pieces in areas where ants usually appear.
• They will carry bits of shell in the nest and will die because of the toxic substance.


Yeast is very irritating to ants, although they love this food. If you put yeast near a nest, the ants will be attracted to the aroma will eat and die.

What to do?

• Mix 100 grams of dry yeast per liter of water and 100 grams of sugar.
• Put the mixture into small containers and leave them in the yard or other areas invaded by ants.


Pepper is another natural ingredient that will get rid of ants and will prevent them from invading your home or garden.

What to do?

• Mix equal parts of ground pepper and water. Put it in a spray bottle.
• Spray on plants or in areas where ants arrived.

Baking soda

This white powder banishes ants in the house and garden.

What to do?

• Sprinkle a little baking soda around plants or anywhere ants appear.
• You’ll get the same effect with salt or wood ash.

Wormwood tea

Wormwood is a bitter plant, unpleasant for ants. This natural ingredient will banish ants from your home.

What to do?

• Boil two liters of water and add a handful of wormwood leaves and root.
• Boil it on high heat for at least five minutes. Spray the tea in areas where ants usually occur.

Lemon juice and water

Lemon’s sour taste and acidity irritate the ants and gets rid of them. However, this mixture has short duration effect and should be applied every day to achieve satisfactory results.

What to do?

• Squeeze the juice of one lemon and place it in a cup of water. Use a sprayer.
• Sprinkle in areas where ants occur, especially in the area where you find the anthill.