Wooden kitchen utensils are very useful, and starting with the chopper, your wooden spoon or spatula, which are very gentle with your cookware must be cleaned and disinfect very carefully.

Wash and disinfect
Wood, especially the handmade one, like most of the wooden spoons and spatulas in our homes, has a porous, chipped surface that allows bacteria and other dangerous microbes to accumulate.
To be sure that you are cleaning them correctly, don’t wash them like the other kitchen utensils.
For a proper cleaning, use rubber gloves, and rub all the joints and curves of the wooden utensils, using a high-quality dish detergent and a dish sponge or dish brush.

Chlorine disinfection
To make sure that all dangerous bacteria are gone, and won’t infest your next cooked meal that can attack your internal organs, you have to disinfect all wooden utensils quite often.
The easiest and most handy way to get rid of the microbes gathered in the chopper or the wooden spoon is to make a solution from 1 portion of chlorine and 20 parts of water. Leave the cleaned kitchen utensils under this solution (completely covered with liquid) for about an hour.

Then wash the kitchen utensils with warm water and dish detergent, and then leave them soaked for another 10 minutes in hot water with dish detergent, to remove completely the smell of chlorine.
Rinse well with warm water and let them dry completely, on all sides.

Image Credits: Treehugger