It doesn’t matter if it’s the kitchen sink or the bathroom one; when is clogged, it spoils all your mood. You can’t wash your hands anymore, dishes must lie unwashed for longer, sink becomes increasingly dirty and so on.

First, it’s good to know that a sink clogs because of hairs that get inside the pipes (especially in the bathroom), food debris and fat. All these create non-penetrative stoppers for the water that will give you big headaches.

Boiling water – The oldest method
The easiest solution to unclog a sink that gives you headaches is to boil a pot of water. This old recipe is ideal for the kitchen because there fat acts as a water passing barrier. Try, however, to pour water directly down the drain, to avoid affecting the rest of the sink. If it does not work properly with the first pot, boil another water pot and use it the same way. Also, you should know that boiling water is more effective if you mix it with salt.

Vinegar – Clogged pipes enemy
If the water trick doesn’t work for you, open the closet and quickly search for vinegar. Mix it well with equal amounts of salt and baking soda then add four times more hot water. Pour the mixture directly into the drain and wait a few minutes.

Lemon and baking soda removes all the grease
If you do not have lemon, vinegar is a replacement as effective. You need a tablespoon of baking soda, which you pour it directly into the sink, then a half a cup of lemon juice (or vinegar). Let the ingredients to work and you’ll quickly see amazing effects.

Coca Cola can also unclog your sink
Well, whether you knew it or not, any drink with cola extract can get rid of fat accumulated on the sink pipe. Add some baking soda or vinegar, then immediately pour a cup of boiling water. You’ll certainly be amazed by this method!