The stove grates, especially when you’re cooking daily, can get so dirty that you can hardly clean them. Most cleaning products can be inefficient in this situation, not to mention the effort we make when we’re rubbing and brushing the grease.

But there is a very simple method that not only relieves us of effort, but it has much better results, compared to any chemical cleaning solution.

Put each stove grate in a zipper bag, then put in each bag ¼ cup of ammonia, and let it act overnight. The next morning wash the stove grates with dish detergent and you’ll see that they will be clean as new, effortlessly.
The same thing can be done with the stove grill if you find a large zipper bag.

Another simple trick is to prepare a baking soda paste with hydrogen peroxide. Put the paste and stove grates in the zipper bag and let it act overnight. You’ll see how grease will be banished for good.

Image Credits: Littlethings and Today