Cleaning the stove after cooking a hearty meal is a real nightmare. The stove is the place where many bacteria collect, because grease, moisture and food debris are the ideal environment for germs and bacteria.
The gas stools are the most prone to dirt which is very hard to be removed even with the most expensive chemical solutions found in stores.

There is a very simple method that not only relieves us of effort, but it’s even more effective than those chemical solutions.

How to proceed:
Place each stove grater in a zipper bag with 2 cups of ammonia and hot water. Let it act overnight, and you’ll see the next morning the stove graters shiny as new.

Beware, you have to make sure to ventilate well the kitchen, because the smell of ammonia is dangerous and can cause dizziness and faintness.

You can also do the same procedure with the cooker grill if you find a zipper bag, large enough to be hermetically sealed.

Another trick, just as simple as the one above, is to add in the zipper bag baking soda paste with hydrogen peroxide. Grease will have an extra enemy, and metal objects will get brilliant, making the stove grates look as new.

Image Credits: Littlethings