When we cook, the steam full of grease is released and it deposits on the hood filters. Once the hood filters are full with grease the steam won’t be sucked out through the hood, and that’s why it’s better to clean the hood filters at least once a month.

The best hood filters are those made of aluminium, because it’s a lightweight material that doesn’t stain, but needs to be cleaned frequently. You have to check your hood filters weekly or once every 2 weeks to see if they have grease deposits, because they may look clean on the outside but on the inside – it can be pretty greasy.

The more dirty the filters are, the more their filtering capacity decreases, and the smells and steam loaded with grease particles will remain in the kitchen.

Best and quick way to clean those greasy aluminium hood filters!

You need:

  • half a cup of baking soda

How to proceed?

  • in a tall and wide pot add water and put it to boil on low heat
  • add the baking soda gradually, using a teaspoon, because it will start to boil immediately and it will make foam on the surface  
  • now add the hood filter in the pot and let it boil a little; you will see how the grease and dirt will start to melt and gather to the surface
  • if necessary, you can repeat the process and put the hood filter to boil in cleaned water
  • remove the filter from the hot water using protective gloves
  • use a fine brush to clean hood filter, and then rinse with hot water under the tap