I bet you’ve noticed that after a few months of use, the mugs get a brownish color on the inside – because of coffee or tea – which can’t be removed with dish soap and water.

However, you can’t throw out the mugs and cups, but you still can drink coffee from your favorite mug, if you choose to clean it with efficient products. And I’m not referring to abrasive cleaning products, because I found some non-chemical options, and I listed below:

Baking soda

This is the multi-purpose ingredient that you definitely have to have it in your house, because it may get you out of trouble immediately. So, to clean stained mugs and cups, just moisten a dish sponge in water and then sprinkle some baking soda over it. Now, rub the cup with it, and repeat the procedure if necessary. Then, obviously, rinse it.

Not only will the spots will disappear as magic, but the cup will regain its shine. The same result you get if you replace the baking soda with baking powder.


Cut a lemon in half and rub the stains on the inside of the mug with one half. The stains will disappear instantly, in a few seconds. No, there is no magic, just the strong effect of citric acid.

White vinegar

As in the lemon case, the acid is great in removing all sorts of stains, including coffee and black tea stains on porcelain. This time, the star is acetic acid, and this common ingredient found in all houses will make your mugs to look like new.  All you have to do is moisten a dish sponge in vinegar and rub well the tea or coffee stains on the mug. Rinse and wait for it to dry.

Now, choose your favorite natural stain remover, and bring back shine to your porcelain cups and mugs!

Image Credits: Teavivre