When you face the hard to clean grease from the kitchen you start a long and hard struggle that often does not have the desired result.

The oven is the hardest to clean kitchen object. This happens because the stove is like a magnet that attracts all the dirt, dust, smoke, that eventually turns into burnt-on grease. And this grease is impossible to clean with a normal sponge!

However, there is an effective method to solve this problem. All you need is a large pot and baking soda.

First, put water in the pot. Then put the pot to boil.

Take baking soda (for a larger pot, use 200 grams of baking soda and the smaller one 100 grams will be enough) and put it in the boiling water. Take into account that baking soda must be poured slowly.

After baking soda has dissolved, put the glide rack (which you already removed it from the stove) in the pot and let it boil about half an hour until the grease is cleaned.

If the pot does not fit the glide rack, repeat the process by turning the grill on several sides.

You do not have to rub, you should not make any efforts, you just have to proceed as mentioned above and the glide rack will clean by itself!

That’s all! All you have to do is to clean the pot after you’ve finished the process.

Image Credits: AHS