Those stains that appear daily: on clothes, on furniture, on sofas and even on car seats cause real problems because, over time, they can ruin the objects. Even if you try to remove the stain, and you start rubbing it, you definitely can ruin your clothes or stained objects. But, I suggest you to prepare the following natural stain spray to solve these little accidents. The important tip is to act instantly the stain appears to get rid of it quickly.

Here’s how to make a stain removal natural solution:

– 100ml of white vinegar
– 100ml of liquid soap
– 100ml of mineral water
– A spray bottle
– a brush

Method of preparation:
Mix all the ingredients and put them in the spray bottle.

Apply the solution on stains, and let it act for 10-15 minutes. Then rub well with a brush.

Image Credits: Thekitchn