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How to clean rust with vinegar

For those who want to clean rust from a particular object and don’t have in the house an AC to make an electrolytic bath, there is a solution: Vinegar.

Acetic acid removes rust better than any other product. You can clean the verdigris from bronze objects, jewels, etc.

The method is simple: take a bowl, place inside the objects you want to clean and pour vinegar over them. For larger objects with a bigger rust layer, let the vinegar “to work” for 2 days.

After removing the metal from vinegar, rust will turn into a viscous film that can be easily cleaned with a strong water jet. If there’s some remained rust, which is well soaked, get it off with a wire brush or a steelwool. Wash well with soap and water and you can apply a thin film of grease / silicone oil to prevent rust recurrence. We did so with the tools in the picture below.

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