Rust stains appeared on your taps and bathtub? Don’t panic! It can be easily removed with this trick I found on social media! It is surprinsingly effective and those ugly rust stains on your bathtub will be gone.
The great thing about this rust stain remover is that it’s non-toxic and your health will be safe.

Ingredients needed:

-hydrogen peroxide



-glass jar (500 ml)

-rubber gloves

How to prepare?

1. Make sure that the glass jar is clean and dry.
2. Put your rubber gloves on to protect your hands.

3. Add 100 ml of water in the jar.
4. Pour over the water 100 ml of ammonia.
5. Add 50 g of hydrogen peroxide to ammonia water.

6. Shake the jar to mix the substances until they are homogenized.
7. Apply the solution on a cloth and rub the rust until it’s gone!

Image Credits: Summitbrands