Tobacco gives a very unpleasant smell, especially if you smoke in closed spaces, such as your home. The smell impregnates in the curtains, furniture and even the walls of the house, and you can hardly remove it. But if you want to get rid of the unpleasant smell of cigarettes in the house you have to follow some simple steps:

Ventilate the area correctly

 If you choose to smoke in your home, you must install proper ventilation, especially in the rooms where you smoke.

Install purifiers

It’s a good idea to install in your home and air purifying system that filters harmful substances and improves air quality.

Don’t leave cigarette butts in the ashtray

Avoid the build-up of cigarettes in ashtrays, because they will leave such an unpleasant smell that will be harder to remove.

Use water with vinegar

A good remedy to remove the smell of cigarette from house is vinegar. Put a pot of water on low fire and when it starts boiling, add 2 cups of vinegar. Let it boil for 15 minutes and place the dish in the rooms where tobacco smell persists.

Water vapor will flood the room and thus eliminate the smell of cigarettes. You can leave the pot of vinegar overnight in the smoking room/area.

Coffee beans

Another effective solution is to spread some coffee beans into the smoking room to neutralize that horrible tobacco smell.  

Image Credits: Cosmosmagazine