Salt is one of those amazing products found in every house for hundreds of years, is cheap, handy and can be used for many things.

Sure, when they invented all kinds of substances specialized for hands, skin, etc, we have forgotten about the many benefits of our ancient sodium chloride.

Specialists say that there are over 14,000 ways to use salt beside cooking. Here are some of them:

– Pour salt and hot water periodically in the kitchen sink leaking; this will prevent fat accumulation in the pipes and will annihilate odors;

– Brooms will last longer if before using you dip them first in hot water with salt;

– If you spilled wine on the tablecloth or on the carpet, cover the stain with paper towels to absorb as much liquid, then sprinkle salt on the stain; the remaining liquid will be absorbed by the salt, and a few hours later you just have to scrape and vacuum the salt from the carpet and rinse with cold water;

– To remove mold or rust stains, moisten those objects with a mixture of salt and lemon juice and leave them to dry;

– If you don’t have an iron with Teflon soles and you put the hot iron over the laundry, you can remove the burned debris by sprinkling salt on a sheet of paper and applying the hot iron over it;

– To whiten cotton or linen yellowed sheets, boil them for 1 hour in a solution of salt and baking soda;

– Curtains will become whiter if, after you wash them, you leave them a few hours in cold water with plenty of salt; in addition, the salt will give a discreet sparkle;

– To remove sweat stains, pamper them until they fade with a towel dipped in a solution of four tablespoons of salt and one liter of hot water;

– Add a pinch of salt in the flower vase to keep them fresh longer;

– Lime and other minerals inside the aquarium disappear if you rub them with salt; rinse thoroughly before you put the water for fish;

– If you used the grill and grease just dripped on the coals, causing them to burn too much, throw some salt over them: it will calm the flames and coals will not make so much smoke;

– In winter, rub your windshield with a damp cloth bag in which you put fine salt – windshield will not freeze and will not accumulate so much snow on it.