If you have been looking for tips and tricks to properly clean mini blinds, you are in the right place. In this article, I will cover the main issues when it comes to cleaning the mini blinds. Hence, these tips and tricks will consider natural solutions for removing dirt, dust, grease, and grime from your mini blinds. Keep reading and check them out.

Since almost all of us prefer using mini blinds, in time, they will have an unsightly build-up of grease, dust, dirt, cobwebs and more. This is why they need frequent cleaning; however, if time doesn’t allow you to clean them that often, don’t worry. Using these tips and tricks will do the job.

1. Removing dirt and dust from the mini blinds

Removing dirt and dust from mini blinds might sound easy since we can simply dust them off with a duster. However, most of the time, this method will only spread the dust even further, leaving the mini blinds still in a precarious condition. Thus, check these tips:

Start off by spinning the blinds downward and use a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment to take off the dust and dirt from one side.
Repeat the same thing after spinning the blinds upward.
Now that both sides are completely dust-free, it is time to apply the solution.
Simply mix equal parts of water and white vinegar in a spray bottle. Shake it well to combine the ingredients and spray all over the blinds.
Using a clean paper towel, repeat the same procedure from the start.
Spin the blinds downward and wipe everything after spraying the vinegar solution. Do the same for the other side too.
Lastly, take a clean paper towel and make sure you dry your mini blinds completely. There you go!

2. Removing grease and grime from the mini blinds

In the case of grease and grime, things are a little bit different. To completely remove these issues from the mini blinds, you will need to turn to a DIY soaking method. Hence, you will need to prepare the following solution.

In a large container, make sure you mix one part of water, one part of ammonia and a cup of lemon juice. Mix all the ingredients very well and then place the blinds inside. Allow them to soak for about an hour and then simply rinse the solution off with cold water.