Here’s a super effective trick that helps you de-wrinkle your clothes, even when you don’t have an iron.

If you’ll ever find yourself in the situation of not having an iron at hand you shouldn’t panic – we have a quick and very effective trick to remove wrinkles from clothes. The secret lies in a solution that will de-wrinkle any fabric and which can be created with only two ingredients that you have in the house: water and vinegar.

Here’s what to do if you want to de-wrinkle your clothes without using an iron

Mix 50 ml of vinegar and 150 ml of water in a spray bottle. Place the piece of clothing you want to de-wrinkle on a hanger and spray the vinegar based solution on its entire surface. Allow it to dry, still on the hanger, and see how wrinkles will disappear as the fabric will begin to dry.

And no, your blouse or dress will not smell like vinegar because vinegar amount is three times less than the water amount and the vinegar will evaporate gradually.