We all hate stains on clothes, and rust is definitely one of the most disturbing. It seems almost impossible to clean it and the washing machine can’t face this problem.
If you have rust stains on clothes, don’t worry! You can remove them using a few tricks. The most important thing is to clean the stain as soon as you notice it. As long as the stains stay on clothes, they will be removed harder.

Lemon juice and steam

Lemon is an ingredient you already have in the house, so this rust removing method will be very handy.

– Stretch the rust stained area over a pot of boiling water. Make sure the stove is off.

– Sprinkle lemon juice on the stain and let it there for a few minutes, then rinse with water. If necessary, repeat this procedure until you remove the stain completely.

Lemon juice and salt

– Another ingenious way to remove rust stains from clothes is using lemon juice and salt. Sprinkle salt over the stain, then rub the lemon juice.

– When the stains have been removed completely, put the clothes in the washing machine as you usually do. After drying, the clothes will be like new.

– Rust stains on clothes can’t be removed by a simple wash in the washing machine. If after trying these tips the stains are still there, repeat all the steps, because they can be very stubborn.