The dry grease jumped out of the pan and painted your walls like a piece of modern art? Learn how to remove old grease out of your kitchen walls.

How to get rid of grease out of painted walls

One of the best DIY solutions to clean grease stains sticking on the kitchen walls is the water and vinegar mix. The solution is 1: 1.
Although it sounds very simple, this concoction do its job better than more complex and full of chemical substances that can lead to wall peeling and its further discoloration.
Important: Don’t let the area to dry by itself because you risk creating a color difference whether your walls are washable or not.
Wipe and dab the area with paper towel to absorb most of the moisture left behind.

How to remove grease out of wallpaper walls

If the grease spots are stuck on a glossy wallpaper, you can get rid of them with a solution of starch and water. Leave to dry and slowly clean until you remove all stains.
If wallpaper is thick and embossed, try a paste of starch, bentonite, clay and little liquid detergent. Allow the paste to dry and remove with great care.