I love eating fish a lot, especially fried fish, but the smell after cooking it is killing my nose! The smell of fried fish is getting in every corner of your house, even if you start the hood and open the window. But we have to please our cravings somehow! So, as a solution seeker, I found some perfect options to remove that fried fish smell out of your kitchen, immediately!

Boil vinegar

As any other fry smell, the fried fish smell gets out of the walls and curtains if you put a pot of water and vinegar on low heat, and let it boil for a few minutes, let’s say 10!

Make a coffee

Beside that you deserve a cup a coffee after cooking all day, this way you will get rid of that unpleasant fried fish smell in the kitchen. If you can, grind the coffee in the coffee grinder, and you can use the coffee grounds to rub the wooden chopper and knives with which you’ve prepared the fish.

Bake some cookies

This trick is my family’s favorite trick! After frying fish, we all deserve desert, and if you bake some chocolate cookies, not only that the fish smell will be gone, but your family will adore those cookies.

Orange peel

In spray bottle put some water and orange zest before beginning to cook. While the fish is frying, you can start spraying on the curtains and around the kitchen with orange water. Repeat this process after you’ve finished cooking, too.