I always prefer using fewer ingredients that I know will do the work for me. And the ones from this article are no doubt the best combination that will clean the oven in an affordable, practical, and environmentally-friendly way. Cleaning your oven can be time-consuming, but once you have a step-by-step guide, the process will be smooth and effortless. And this article will show you how. Keep reading and see how to clean your oven using a 2-ingredient only method.

Furthermore, you will also need some supplies. Thus, make sure you have some rags and towels, some rubber gloves for protection and a scrub brush.

The 2 main ingredients you will be using are the powerhouse combination of baking soda and a spray bottle of white vinegar. Let’s get into it:

1. Take everything out

That’s how you should, taking everything out of the oven. This means taking the thermometer and the oven racks. Also, as long as you are here, you should also get rid of really loose debris using a cloth. It will make things easier for a heavier cleaning.

2. DIY paste

The first DIY solution will be making a paste by mixing baking soda with a little water. You can do this in a small ball, mixing these 2 ingredients until you get a paste consistency. About five tablespoons of water per cup of baking soda should do it.

3. Spread the paste all over

Thus, wearing a pair of rubber gloves, apply the baking soda mixture to every surface of your oven. However, make sure to avoid the heating elements and the gas inlet. Thus, focus especially on gunky areas like the door and the bottom of the oven. Then, let the paste do most of the work for you by allowing it to act overnight.

4. Cleaning the racks

After spreading the paste in the oven, it is time to clean the racks. For this, your DIY solution will be a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. First off, you will need to dampen the racks and then sprinkle them with baking soda. Then, simply spray some white vinegar all over the racks. You will notice that this will cause a beautiful foamy reaction. Using a scrub brush, it is time for some elbow grease. Hence, scrub away all the gunk out of the racks and don’t be afraid to reapply these ingredients for as long as necessary. Once the grates are completely scrubbed, soak them too overnight in a big container with water and baking soda.

5. Next morning cleaning

The next morning, your oven and the racks are basically clean. All you have to do is put the gloves on again and wipe the oven with a wet rag. If there are any spots left to clean you could spray them again with vinegar. However, that shouldn’t be the case. Then, with another rag, also wipe the racks and rinse them very well under cold water.

6. Lastly, put your oven back together

Make sure you wipe the inside of the oven with a dry cloth and also pat dry the racks. Once these are dried completely, you could slide the racks back into the oven.