Pet hair or hair that naturally falls from stress, drugs and pollution gather on some fabrics and you hardly get rid of it when you vacuum?

See how to quickly clean hair from carpets with a few tricks and DIY solutions.

Moistened cloth
Take a moistened cotton cloth and rub your full of hair carpet. Whether we’re talking about cat hair, dog hair or man hair, the damp cloth will gather all the troublesome hair threads.

Moistened palms
If you don’t trust rags, maybe you should try with your own hands. Put warm water in a bowl and moisten your palms in it before passing them over the full of hair carpet surface. Repeat the process until you’ve cleaned all the hair. It will not last very long.

Thick brush
If you don’t want to get your hands dirty, you can try with a very thick brush.

Rubber gloves
Rub two rubber gloves after you’ve pulled them over your hands. Slowly electrify all the troublesome hair and it will look like pure magic.

Running shoes with rubber soles
If you can’t bent over the carpet, or the surface is too high and your back hurts, fit a pair of sports shoes with rubber soles and walk around the room. The rubber will gather much of the hair through electrification. Think about times when you were little and your hair was sticking on a balloon. It’s the same process.

Fabric softener
If the above methods don’t please you and you want to do a deep cleaning, use with confidence a fabric softener.
Sprinkle fabric softener over the carpet, let it dry, then vacuum the carpet and hair will come off very easily.