If you don’t care for your wooden furniture it may deteriorate over time. The wood will stain, lose its brightness and color, and it can crack or swell. And one of the biggest problems is scratches. But I will give you some useful advice to repair those ugly scratches and make them disappear for good.

Wood furniture scratches very easily, and if it is dark shaded, the scratches will become very visible. If you don’t want to try a special wooden treatment, you can use a natural trick: the walnut core!

It is very effective both for fine and deep scratches. You just need a few walnuts, crack them and take the core.
Use the walnut core to rub the scratches on the wooden furniture, until the scratch is gone. Then grind finely several walnut core, and put them in a piece of gauze and press well until the gauze absorbs the oil. Repeat the process of rubbing to each scratch and your furniture will look just like new.

Image Credits: Macgyverimis