If you found parasites on your pet it is likely that your house have already been infested with fleas and especially flea eggs.

It’s time to take some action to remove these nasty parasites from your house:

Wash the bedding

Fleas are active at night, and it is likely that they found a nice shelter in your bed, where they have food and warmth. They probably already have left their eggs there. Therefore it is necessary to wash all bedding for a proper disinfestation.

Proper vacuum cleaning

Parasites and their eggs housed in the carpet will have no chance if you do a proper vacuuming. Make sure to use disposable vacuum cleaner bags or place an anti-parasite collar inside the bag. It has been demonstrated that approximately 96% of flea adults may be caught thereby.

Baking powder and salt

Image Credits: eHow

Sprinkle baking powder and salt on the carpet or floor because they will dehydrate the parasites and their eggs. Let them act overnight and vacuum the areas the next day.

Flea traps

They consist of an incandescent bulb and sticky paper. Insects attracted to the warmth will stick to the paper. Used alone, these traps are not very effective, but they can be very useful if combined with other natural methods to eradicate fleas.


These tapeworms feed on flea larvae. They are the best solution to keep your yard and garden free of parasites. Ask your vet about this solution, which is very effective.

If you love nature and especially the health of your pet companion, then the best ways to get rid of fleas are the natural ones.

If you successfully managed to get rid of fleas using one of these methods, please let other people know and share this information.

Image Credits: Flea Bites on Human