Drain or kitchen cockroaches appear when you less expected if the apartment blocks you are living in is too old and messy. Cockroaches are everywhere and I think they are more than humans, so, fighting against them it’s useless, but seeing them walking around the kitchen isn’t such a pleasant view.  

Besides being disgusting insects, the bad smell and unsanitary environments for these little insects to develop. But I have the saving solution to get rid of these bad insects.

You need the following:

  • 3 boiled potatoes
  • 3 eggs, which you have to boil them three hours and use only the yolk
  • 60 g of boric acid powder
  • a pair of gloves

After boiling remove the potato peel and extract the egg yolk, put these ingredients in the blender and mix. Now, add the boric acid and mix well again.

Put on the gloves and start making small balls from this composition.  

Once you’ve finished, place the boric balls next to the trash can, sink, alongside the water pipes and other places where you know the kitchen roaches go. It’s best if you place these balls for 3 months to prevent any cockroach invasion.

Image Credits: Heritagepestcontrolne