Old wallpaper is a real challenge for those renewing their apartments. Most of the times the wall remains deformed and stained from the adhesive which is very hard to clean. But not anymore with these 3 wise tricks that will help you to get rid of the old wallpaper.

The simplest method: the fabric softener
Put a few teaspoons of fabric softener in a in a spray bottle and add hot water until it fills up.
Cover well all sockets and switches with plastic adhesive tape, to avoid water contact, and spray the balsamic solution on the old wallpaper.
Wait for a few minutes and unclip the bottom edge of the wallpaper using a knife. Then pull the strips up to the ceiling.
The adhesive remaining behind the wallpaper should be soaked again in this solution, and then scraped with a shingle.
Use gloves and a protection mask if you’re allergic to detergent.

Vinegar dissolves the adhesive faster
Instead of a fabric softener, use vinegar and water in equal amounts. Spray the vinegar solution on the old wallpaper, wait for it to get soaked and then use a shawl to clean the wallpaper strips.
Vinegar dissolves better and faster the adhesive used for the old wallpaper. But if you can’t stand the vinegar smell, use the softener solution.

The strength of hot steam unglues the old wallpaper
If you want to redecorate, and want to remove you’re old wallpaper, the fastest solution is to use hot steam.
You have to isolate the sockets well and put on the floor absorbing wipes. Soak well the wallpaper with hot steam, and repeat this process several times on the surface that is harder to unglue.
Finally, clean the walls with hot water and dishwashing detergent using an abrasive sponge.

Image Credits: En.newsner