We all enjoy drinking tea, not to mention tea infusions which are delightful. But tea can be a real problem when it stains your favorite tea cups.

Even if you wash well the cup, the stain still remains on it, looking very badly and you can’t serve tea in that cup, because it looks dirty even if it’s not. But…we’ve found the perfect trick to get rid of tea stains of your dishes.

Are you tired of rubbing your tea mugs with your dish sponge using all sorts of chemicals to get rid of those awful tea stains? Don’t do that anymore because with the help of a piece of paper you can remove the stain very easy.
Wash and dry well the cup, and then with a piece of paper wipe well the walls of the cup. You‘ll see how the stains will be removed quickly and the cup will be just like new.

Image Credits: Lighthousegaragedoors