All raw denim is best if you can find a pair, and, as a personal experience, I want to tell you that the color makes a big difference in quality, even if can easily stain any surface it gets in contact with, especially if the jeans are damp due to sweat or other factors.

Most of blue jeans these days have a lot of starch in them and are a bit stiff rubbing that indigo color on any surface you sit on.

However, you can prevent this from happening, if you do a stone washing but it’s a bit expensive, and the cheapest way is to apply several washing cycles to minimize color bleeding. Yes, but this means not to wear your new pair of jeans, and this is not an option for me.

My conclusion is that jeans bleeding, also known as crocking, can’t be prevented, instead you may want to know how to remove blue jeans dye out of leather and textile surfaces, because these are more prone to catch unsightly stains.

How to remove denim stains out of leather sofa and seats

I thought that I ruined my leather car seats, but with the help of these ingredients I managed to remove blue jeans dye out of them.

You Need:

– 2 warm damp cloths
– cleansing milk

How To:

  • Use the first warm damp cloth to remove any dust and surface stains from the leather surface. Try not to rub because it will make it difficult to remove the denim stain afterwards.
  • Take a clean cotton cloth and apply cleansing milk on it.
  • Wipe the stained leather surface using circular motions until the stain is completely gone.

How to remove denim stains out of textile upholstery

After a small visit to my grandparents, I left marks on their new beige sofa – it had a blue jeans butt printed after I got up. My grandma told me to calm down, because she will manage this situation with care, and she did.

You Need:

– 1 tablespoon of clear hand soap
– 1 tablespoon of white vinegar
– cups of fresh, cool water
– rubbing alcohol
white rags

How To:

  • Well, mix the hand soap, white vinegar and cool water into a bowl, by stirring well the ingredients with a spoon.
  • Damp a white rag in this solution and blot the denim stain every 5 minutes for 30 minutes, removing as much dye from the upholstery. You will need a clean white rag for each dye removing session.
  • With another damp rag moisten in cool water, dab the upholstery to rinse the solution away.

Remember: if there is any remaining dye, you can damp another rag in rubbing alcohol and blot the area by removing as much dye as possible. Rinse the alcohol with a damp rag moistened in cool water.

Hope this was useful for you!