If you want to get rid of dust mites, it would be better to leave the bed unmade, to ventilate the room and to allow the sunlight and fresh air to enter the house.

Most people make their bed when they wake up in the morning (or during the day). We consider such activity essential to make our house look clean and comfortable. However, despite the fact that most people are used to make the bed every day, a recent study by Kingston University (London, UK) showed that this activity is not as good as we thought. It even has negative effects on our health.

Why it’s better to leave the bed unmade?

Researchers have shown that perfectly flat sheets and coverlet make the bed an ideal place for dust mites. Thus, we offer them a shelter and a longer life. They pointed out that when we make the bed, we cover the mites which were installed in our bed sheets and we help them live better.

Although we don’t realize, bed sheets contain moisture and heat because we sweat during sleep. This moisture, coupled with lack of ventilation, provide a perfect home for mites that breed and live very well without us even realizing it.

As a result of this action, there is a high probability to suffer from asthma, eczema or dermatitis, allergic rhinitis, various other forms of allergies and even insomnia. Research has shown that if we make the bed, we have a chance to “accommodate” to 1.5 million dust mites. So there is a very high risk of developing one of these diseases.

Stephen Pretlove, head of the team of researchers who conducted the study, said that to avoid diseases caused by mites, the best way to combat them is by not making the bed as soon as we woke up the morning. If we don’t make the bed, we can easily get rid of mites, especially if we ventilate the bedroom. Mites die from the sun and fresh air. So, to prevent them multiply in our bed, the best would be to leave it unmade and to open the windows.

Petlove also showed that many insects and pests can be eliminated with various cleaning products or with the vacuum cleaner. However, he said, we can’t get rid of mites in the same way. He recommends frequent room ventilation, washing the bed sheets and blankets as often and especially to sun expose them.

In conclusion, the researchers cautioned that these findings may be the key to prevent allergies or other diseases, or may be helpful in treating them. Those who don’t really like to make their bed now have a good reason for argument. Those who do it frequently should think about these recommendations. According to these findings, we can prevent dust mites reproduction, we can shorten their life cycle and we can prevent the diseases mentioned above.